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UKAS Accreditation No. 8540

G&H Technical Services Ltd, first UKAS Accredited to ISO 17025 in 2014, have always continually looked to expand service capabilities and strive to exceed our Clients’ requirements in an everchanging and diversifying market.


To meet our Clients’ expectations we have always looked to expand our UKAS testing schedule.


For G&H Technical Services, 2021 was no exception, undertaking our largest extension to scope so far. We are able to assist our customers with wide range of civil engineering projects covering enabling and investigation works, earthworks, building foundations, and roads built up from start of the works (investigation / road box cut) to finish (surfacing works).


The extensive and comprehensive range of tests now includes testing asphalt, aggregates and soils (ISO 17892) both in our laboratory and in-situ site testing.


The extension now enables us to provide Clients with technical support for a range of schemes from site investigations, Greenfields sites to highways maintenance projects.


In recent years we have recognised the diversification and environmental challenges in the construction industry and have looked to address the hazard of road tar contamination.


Our technical department have added chemical testing for total PAH & benzo(a)pyrene using GC-MS gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, PAK marker testing and statistical assessment of hazards from road tar arisings (ADEPT).


We can offer a full core cutting, logging and in-situ DCP testing service for scheduled road maintenance.



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